Life Update -- new blog!

hey, to whoever reads this, it’s been awhile :") how’s life?

for myself, life has been absolutely shitty recently 🤒 i’m currently going through alot, and i’m currently finding ways to cope with things – exploring and occupying myself with new stuff

it’s been over a year since i have last updated my blog (not sure if anyone reads it but whatever 🤭), and i’ve modified the entire website (yay dark mode!)

i’m hoping to blog more often, about random stuff that i’m doing and trying out. i actually have quite a long to-do list, and i’m hoping that maintaining this blog will hold me accountable to do the things that i want to do

to whoever needs to hear this, you got this :) ciao!

also i need to organize this new blog site, but ill probably do that when i have more posts LOL

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