Buffer Overflow

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If you have followed along this series so far, congratulations on coming thus far!

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Buffer Overflow Concept

Consider the following program.

// gcc secret.c -o secret
#include <stdio.h>

int main() {

    char secret[20] = "you cant touch me";
    char name[10];

    puts("What is your name?");
    scanf("%s", &name);
    printf("Hello %s\n", &name);
    return 0;

The program contains a variable secret[20], which contains you cant touch me.

Nowhere in this program writes into this variable which means that we should not be able to modify the variable.

However, are we really not able to do so?

This program takes in an input (with no size limit) into a variable name[10], with size limit of 10 bytes.

What would happen if we just continue to input more characters, and if we are not stopped by a canary?

We could possible overwrite other stuff. Let’s have a look at our stack layout.


If we exceed name[10], we will then write into secret[20] and more.

Let’s test it out!


We managed to overwrite secret with whatever we want, even though there is no function allowing us to write to secret.

That is the essence of buffer overflow.

Overwriting things to use the program in ways it was not intended to be used.

Automating a BOF with pwntools

However, what if our buffer is like 50 bytes, does that mean we have to type out all 50 bytes?

We can use PwnTools - a python module built specifically for pwning.

from pwn import *

p = process('./secret') # run the process
p.sendline("A"*10 + "i_touched_secret!") # send an input to the process
p.interactive() # go back to manually running the program

Let’s put this into action.

We will try 2 Buffer Overflow practices now.

Source code will not be provided, this is a good chance for you to practice your decompilation as well.

If you do not know how to decompile a binary, check out From Binary back to C code, aka Decompilation.

WhiteHacks 2021 - Puddi Puddi

Why have a MEGA 🍮 when you can have a GIGA 🍮?

Attached: puddi.zip

Objective is to print flag.txt through the binary

Solution can be found here.

dCTF 2021 - Pinch Me

This should be easy!

Attached: pinch_me

Objective is to obtain a shell through the binary

Solution can be found here.

credits goes to the respective challenge creators for making the challenges.

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